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This site is intended for students who are taking the ICT courses at St. James Collegiate. On this site you will find the course outlines, materials, assignments and sample student work for each course offered at SJCI.

For Students

The content for each course is listed under their respective tabs above. You are free to visit this site from school or at home for the purposes of learning the course material and completing assignments. It is important to note that all materials on this site are not be copied or duplicated in anyway or your credit may be withheld.

For Instructors

If you are a computer course instructor and you wish to use materials found on this site for the purposes of instructing your own courses feel free to direct your students to this site. I have collected a materials and assignment ideas from colleagues and put them together into courses to suit my teaching needs. I have created most of this material, but much of it has been shared. If you can find a use for this content feel free to use it.

For Others

If you are just a person who happened to stumble upon this site feel free to learn what you can from it. When it comes to learning online, I certainly hope that this site can be used to educate as many people as possible. Enjoy your experience!